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Dedicated Instructor

XTREMEasures LLC (XM) is certified by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as an Instructor Organization. This allows XM LLC to train and certify other instructors as well as individuals seeking their Minnesota permit to carry. XM LLC is authorized to train and qualify law enforcement officers to meet the requirements set forth by the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training. The instructor has over 20 years of work experience in the Law Enforcement, armed security, and personal protection fields and is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor. With his experience and extensive training, he will provide you with real life situations that will enhance your knowledge and skills. This will better prepare you for that moment when you are forced to make the decision to take xtreme measures to protect human life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to prepare you for that moment when you are forced to make the decision to take XTREME Measures to protect human life.

Our Mission

The mission of XTREMEasures is to conveniently enhance the knowledge and skill for all participants, from beginner to the seasoned marksman. To promote a greater understanding and awareness regarding the importance and benefits of being a safe and responsible gun owner.


Permit to Carry Certification

The Minnesota permit to carry course covers all the basic firearm safety and proper shooting fundamentals that a person will need to safely and effectively protect human life. This course meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act of 2003.

Basic Handgun 101

This course is offered to those who are interested in the sport of shooting. If you have little to no experience with firearms, this course is for you. We will go through the basics of how a firearm functions, learn proper mechanics in firing your firearm, and learn how to properly maintain and store your firearm. This course is HIGHLY recommended to those that are looking to eventually take a permit to carry course.

Military Style Weapon and Handgun Tactics Course

This course will provide you with a more in-depth experience with your firearm. We will go through techniques to build your confidence in clearing malfunctions, learn ways to effectively move using cover and concealment minimizing your exposure, and learn to operate your firearm from multiple shooting positions. 

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